1. I answered them all with No.

    I am boss.

  2. ooc: Holy Shit
When did he get hot?

    ooc: Holy Shit

    When did he get hot?

    (via callieally)

  3. is from the same show, and the only people you actually care about on the whole show.

    Oh well. 

    If any of you ever made Cam. I would love you forever

  4. :)

    In my back yard. 

    Don’t ask what has happened in this yard between us…That is the past.

  5. Nice face, Cam

  6. I am going to go chill with an old friend of mine

    Pretty hot, Yeah?

  7. No? 


  8. Everybody is going crazy for Cameron Mitchell.

    But can you blame us, He is Hipster Sexy :)

  9. My favorites are Cameron. Lindasy and Matheous.

  10. Or however you spell it, is so short!

    But he doesn’t look like a Dwarf.

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